July 25, 2017 

Resolution Puts Seven PBC Board Members on Notice

A special resolution calling for the removal of the seven Pacific Blue Cross Board members not up for re-election at the September 7 AGM has been signed by CUPE 1004 brother and PBC member Andrew Healey and was submitted yesterday to Pacific Blue Cross Society, your negotiating committee has confirmed.

The resolution, which singles out PBC Board members Malcolm Williamson, Mark Schonfeld, Richard Taylor, John Fitzpatrick, Colleen Jordan, Mary LaPlante and Robert Wallis, was sent by express post to both the Society’s mail and street addresses, as well as by fax. The other seven positions will be up for re-election due to their terms expiring. The resolution in detail is attached.

In other recent news:

  • On July 13, Vice President Rob Chiarello, in a letter attached to employee pay stubs, claimed that PBC’s most recent proposal on July 7 “would have no changes to retiree health benefits.” In fact, the proposal would have relieved the Employer from fulfilling its promise to provide specific benefits in retirement to our members. It would have shifted all risk for retiree benefits on to the backs of retirees, while eliminating any guarantee of the level of benefits to be provided in retirement. The Employer’s proposal included deleting all language regarding retiree benefits from the collective agreement.
  • On the bargaining front: The Union is prepared to bargain with the Employer at any time, however in the absence of any change in the Employer’s position, there is very little left to discuss in bargaining. The Employer has not contacted the union regarding new bargaining dates since July 7.
  • The Union’s Unfair Labour Practice complaint regarding the use of illegal replacement workers will continue to be heard in LRB sessions this week. We hope for a decision soon.

ON THE PICKET LINE—It has been more than two weeks since this lockout began. We want to express our thanks and appreciation to the strike committee for all their hard work to make our picket lines the great success they’ve been. We have been inspired by the resolve of our members since the lockout began on July 7.  We are also overwhelmed by all the support we’ve received from the labour movement over the past several weeks. The fight against concessions to post-retirement benefits is not our fight alone, and the support we are receiving from other workers on the picket line demonstrates that.