Bargaining Update #6: Escalating Job Action

BURNABY — The CUPE 1816 Negotiating Committee was scheduled to bargain with the Employer on
Friday, May 26 and Sunday, May 28. We did meet on Friday and put forward our proposal. After
looking over our proposal the Employer came back and told us they would not be doing a counterproposal
nor would they be bargaining with us on Sunday.

The Employer told us they will “weather whatever storm comes their way.” The Negotiating
Committee is extremely disappointed. We are truly at a loss to explain the Employer’s unwillingness to
bargain with us. We made a specific request to have Jan join us at the bargaining table, but we were
told that he is unavailable. We really can’t explain why the Employer views this labour dispute as such
a low priority and why they are being so dismissive of our attempts to reach a fair Collective

The Employer is now refusing to pay for our MSP, Dental, and Extended Health premiums despite the
fact we have not staged a full walk out. We have held numerous study sessions — for which we have
been paylossed — but we continue to provide work. The Employer doesn’t seem to value this
contribution and is going to start charging us 50% of the premiums from May 29-31 and then make us
pay 100% beginning June 1. Thankfully, CUPE National has agreed to pay our premiums so no one is
going to be directly affected by this reprehensible move on the part of Employer.

We met with our Strike Committee on May 29 and have empowered them to begin preparations for
further job action. The Strike Committee will be handing out surveys and communications so you will
get to know them and your Strike Captains very shortly.

In the meantime, please follow us on Twitter and join our Facebook page as we plan to connect with
you more on social media.

Your CUPE 1816 Negotiating Committee:
• Beth Miller
• Roger Pearce
• Anna Torgerson
• Tracey Harston
• Christine Johnson
• James Richardson — CUPE National Representative